How would I start a wrapping paper business?

November 5, 2013

Question by cheeseburger24: How would I start a wrapping paper business?

Specifically, what type of printing machine would be good for a small scale gift wrap business? What type of paper? Would a plotter work, or will I have to spring for flexography equipment?


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Answer by Sat S
Contact trade associations or to get offers from suppliers and manufacturers of printing machines, send an email with your requirement to

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eddie_youropinioncounts November 5, 2013 at 3:08 am

Great question with a lot of guidance to help us give you the perfect answer. I will start by saying that all the information that I am about to provide you is from my search of the internet so I can not verify sources; however, I checked the websites to see how legitimate they appeared and only pulled information from legitimate appearing sources.

Talking to an expert in the field would be wise also. Please reference the following:!.shtml

Printer: It depends on the size of your project, how much you want to make and spend, the quality, etc. For a small project you may want to outsource the printing for now but I have seen plotters provide excellent quality prints. I also know that to buy a printer for this will involve a rather large investment.

Paper: Wrapping paper is made from softwood trees in special paper mills and the pulp is usually bleached.

Here are some plotter suppliers:

Here are some flexo suppliers:

Here are some paper suppliers:

I just spent about 30 minutes searching this information out for you, but I assume you have some background or know how in this. Please let me know if I provided you with useful information and fell free to contact me for all your questions.

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